Davis-Allman Business Development, Springfield, Missouri

I provide practical no-nonsense guidance and assistance helping you use technology and the Internet to promote, grow, and manage your business.

I will work with you to reduce your costs and increase your profits. With my help, you can take control of the technology and make it work for you, not the other way round.


I am a business and information technology consultant with over thirty years’ experience in business development and project management. I have worked in a wide variety of industries, which enables me to bring you practical, down to earth solutions and advice. Whatever your business I will help you and your business succeed in today’s technologically challenging and increasingly complex business environment.

I am focused on the needs of small to medium businesses in the Springfield, Missouri, and south-west Missouri area. I also work with larger domestic and foreign corporations on their business development and service delivery projects.

What I Do

  • I provide advice on how to get the best out of technology to market and manage your business.
  • I have the business and project management expertise to help your business cope with unexpected challenges, projects or growth.

In short, I have the experience, knowledge and good old-fashioned common sense to be able to help you.

My Philosophy

It’s very simple:

  • Be professional,
  • exceed expectations,


  • provide the best advice I can.

How I Can Help You and Your Business

With my practical experience across a range of business sectors, I bring a fresh view and workable solutions for your business issues and challenges.

In particular, I bring my long-term business experience to help new start-ups and small to medium businesses with the problems they face. By being unbiased and not emotionally attached to your current strategies, I can advise you on the best way forward. My own experience with running small businesses, which includes working with limited budgets, means I instinctively look for practical, affordable, and appropriately scalable solutions.