Gary Allman

I am the owner-manager of Davis-Allman Business Development. I have spent over thirty years managing small and medium-sized businesses that provided business services to large corporations. My market sector experience includes financial services, IT services, manufacturing, utilities, defense, higher education, and non-profits. My primary roles have been in senior management, reporting at board level with responsibility for strategic guidance, project, product and service delivery. My specialist areas are communications, business solutions, program, project, and vendor management.

Originally from Hampshire on the South Coast of England, I emigrated to the US in 2008. I live in Springfield, Missouri with my wife, Ginger. I have two grown sons in the UK and three step-children in the US all of whom have fled the nest. When I’m not working, you’ll find me hiking, backpacking, kayaking, taking photographs, avoiding my honey-do list, or vacuuming cat fur out of my computer.

Davis-Allman LLC

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